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We 3D Consult

We provide 3d Printing consultancy services for small, medium and large business. We provide consultation on waste management, solar energy, additive manufacturing (3D Printing), 3D Printing materials, filament creation, product life-cycles, rapid prototyping, circular economy, recycling and a whole lot more!

If you would like to know more about the consultancy we povide and what the benefits are for your business please do contact us.

We 3D Design

We design new and innovative products. If you have an idea or a request then please get in touch and we can explore the possibilities together.

Gears and Cogs

For unique gear and cog design.


Have your 3D building design 3D printed.

Rapid Prototyping

Whether it is a fan cover or a whole product.

We 3D Print

After design comes Build. ...and this, as they say, is the exciting bit.

Full 3D Printer Kits On Request

Kits can be produced that can bring your ideas for larger products to life.

Single Request Objects

Single Material objects can be order too, from small to large.

Advanced Multi Material Parts

Multi Material 3D Printing takes great ideas and turns them into truely great products.

Do you wish to know about the services we provide?

Whether you are interested in our 3D courses or if you have specific consultancy requirements you think we might be able to help you with, please do get in contact with us to discuss

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